Understanding The Libyan Conflict

The conflict in Libya as well as all the recent uprisings in the middle east is not about freedom, democracy or dictators.  It’s about religion, or the sudden lack of it.  As we know, from the leak from Sgt. Joey Lambardi, FunVax is a vaccine that manipulates the VMAT2 gene.  VMAT 2 is commonly referred to as the God Gene and that gene is being manipulated by the government.

Background of VMAT2 (the God Gene) –

Dr. Dean Hamer discovered the God Gene by analyzing the DNA of over 1,000 people.  He identified a region, VMAT2, that had a specific correlation to spiritual experiences.  VMAT2 codes for a vesicular monoamine transporter that plays a key role in regulating the levels of the brain chemicals serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. These monoamine transmitters are in turn postulated to play an important role in regulating the brain activities associated with spiritual beliefs.

Project FunVax –

In 2004, the government started experimenting with VMAT2.  The project was titled FunVax.  It stands for Fundamentalism Vaccine.  After the attack on the World Trade Center and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, it became apparent that hearts and minds of the people within the Middle East would not be won…unless, people started thinking outside the box.  Government scientists started manipulating the God gene.  They created a “vaccine”  that inhibited the God gene.  The vaccine was designed to spread via air – it’s an airborne virus and is similar to the flu.  It took the DoD half a decade to get it to work, but it has been released and the effects are spreading.  Iraq is stable.  Dictators are losing power.  People are embracing democracy over theocracy.

The Proof –

Sgt. Joey Lambardi was part of an elite group called Combat Camera.  It was their job to record everything that key decision makers would need to make educated decisions.  Everything in the military is recorded.  Raids, test flights, lectures, experiments, training sessions, aircraft maintenance, everything.  So in late 2010, Joey Lambardi witnessed and taped lecture by government scientists outlying a plan to create a viral vaccine that “cures” religious fundamentalism. He is in the process of releasing this information to the public.

Crisis In Libya –

The crisis in Libya is a direct result of FunVax.  The virus is spreading.  First it was released in Iraq.  It spread to Iran where the uprising was squashed.  Then Tunisia and Eygpt…Now Libya.  This is no coincidence.  It’s a planned, orchestrated release of virus.  A viral vaccine against religious fundamentalism.  It changes the way people think and act.  It’s a vaccine that can liberate people on the surface but also forces them (in ways that a dictator never could) to think a certain way…it forces them to lose their religion.  What a powerful weapon!

Ethical Concerns –

Yes, its great that the people in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya are rising up against oppression.  It’s amazing that the dictators and theocracies are losing control and people are becoming more free.  But are they really free?  They’re losing their freedom to think for themselves.  They’re losing the right to choose their religion.  They’re losing their religious conviction.  Eventually the virus could spread to Europe and America.  Then what?  Are we really free if are thoughts and actions can be so easily manipulated by powerful governments?  Does freewill exist if our identity can be changed like flipping a light switch?  No!   FunVax has had important victories, but the program needs to be stopped NOW before it spins out of control.



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2 Responses to Understanding The Libyan Conflict

  1. Capt. Mike says:

    I agree that this FunVax is somewhere we don’t want to go. It makes one wonder what other genes have been identified and had viruses developed to affect them. Submission? Wouldn’t surprise me. However, I think your take on Libya is off-base. Libya is a very moderate Muslim country and so is Mu-ammar Qaddafi. The contrived uprising there by purported “rebels” has nothing to do with former fundamentalists rising up against a fundamentalist leader. On the contrary, none of these so-called “rebels” are actually real Libyan citizens, 99.99% of which love what Qaddafi has done for their country.

    The “rebels” are US/British/Israeli intelligence controlled opposition, like Al-Qaida and are controlled and instigated by the same intelligence agencies. They don’t even hide some evidence on the mainstream media news. This morning, I saw a so-called “rebel” manning a truck-mounted machine gun looking like a pumped up, steroid using AMERICAN. Arabs just don’t look like that. Ever hear of Blackwater/Xe? Come on fellas, this crime being perpetrated against Qaddafi and Libya does need to be understood, but you’re not helping matters.

    If you want to know the real truth about Libya, Qaddafi, AND his total non-involvement in the Lockerbie downing, read former CIA asset Susan Lindauer’s book, “Extreme Prejudice”. You can read about Libya for free on her blog and I highly suggest you do. Lindauer’s blog is at:

    This is good information you’ve furnished about the God Gene and FunVax, but when you mix it with obvious BS, most of us begin to think, “mid-information” or “mis-direction”. Get it straight fellas. And one more thing to consider not just about the God Gene, but of God Almighty Himself as incarnated as Jesus of Nazareth: Fundamentalism aside, do you not think that if God exists, that faith, belief, and love for God can counter any genetic tricks some puny humans may attempt to do to alleviate humans of their quest to seek the face of God? Think about that.

    I am concerned not just about this FunVax, but of what else “they’ve” been putting into the vaccines…for years. I’ve never had a flu vaccine having made a conscious decision intuitively way back in 1979-80, or thereabouts, that I didn’t trust them.

    Please take the time to understand about Libya especially. I lived there as a child BEFORE Qaddafi took control from our US puppet King Idras. You would not believe the horrendous condition of the people then. And if you read Lindauer’s account of Libya and learn of their free health care, college to the PhD level, free house to newlyweds plus $50,000 to start out with, 14 cent per gallon gasoline, not to mention the massive water project that Qaddafi built for the people without going into debt to the IMF/World Bank, you’ll better understand why the New World Order globalist banking elite wanted him out of the picture.

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