FunVax Quarterly Report 06/01/07




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1 Response to FunVax Quarterly Report 06/01/07

  1. O. B. Server says:

    Extremists of every stripe never see themselves as that way. So what’s to stop this FUNVAX from backfiring blow-back right directly into the narrow minds of religio- fundies (who would hotly deny they are religious extremists, of course), who currently occupy the levers of fascist control in the USA now? They’d get it, and be affected by this FUNVAX, well and good. This puppy would “devastate” the Bible-belt, and de-extremize Babdist pulpits and police state henchmen (like chiefs of police) from California to South Carolina. True, they would swear up-and-down on a stack of Bibles (or DSMs etc) that they are not extremists; it is just those other people…

    So probably this will be deployed in a fashion where they have to jab intended targets individually. Else the fascist religious fundamentalists who point guns at us each day as part of their jobs, else they be the most affected by FUNVAX, of all.

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