Joey Lambardi Arrested In Argentina

If you have been following this blog, then you know that this page is maintained by people that support Joey Lambardi’s cause – the release of information about FunVax.  It’s been over six weeks since we last heard from Joey and unfortunately our fears were realized. Four weeks ago, Joey Lambardi was arrested in Argentina.  One of the contributors of this blog got a call from Joey’s mother this weekend.  Joey was not allowed to make any calls, but he was able to get word to his mother through another prisoner.

At this time we don’t know what the charges are.  Joey’s Mother hired a lawyer, so hopefully, we’ll know more soon.  We’ll keep you updated.

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4 Responses to Joey Lambardi Arrested In Argentina

  1. yoy50 says:

    Hi– I’m not sure who sent me the video but I’m glad they did! This is very disturbing although not entirely surprising. It’s odd to see the faces of true sociopaths/psychopaths– very chilling how they discussed things ‘so matter of fact’. The scientist was extra creepy.

    I was wondering if I could interview any one of his friends who’d be willing to share this information on the air? I hope you will update us soon about his safety and progress. I’m afraid they may lock him away indefinitely under The Patriot Act.

    • jessica says:

      I feel that exposing the truth regarding the vmat 2 gene goes along with the right of freedom of speech, and if i am not mistaken, the United States Constitutional preamble’s first begins with, “we the people”. Therefore, WE have the right to make the choice of what religion we wish to persue NATURALLY. laws do not bring justice, therefore, I abide by justive which differentiates whats right from wrong rather then a bunch of words that can be easily manipulated. Oh, and one more thing, there is nowhere yet that states that a society cannot overturn a government if they feel as if they are being treated unjustly.

  2. Human says:

    Joey Lambardi is an anti-religious racist. Check it out!

  3. Lynne says:

    In response to “Joey Lambardi is an anti-religious racist” I believe that this was not done in love & does not bear good fruit; obviously! However, the bigger picture is that he should be able to do so & not be killed. I’m more outraged that so many seem to justify those who would kill someone b/c they did do this or burned a koran (which is not a holy book by the way & yes I know you will say that is just my opinion & not fact but regardless of where you stand I’m not as a Christian seeking to kill you for believing it & in fact GOD commands that I love you…even if you’re my enemy & not blow you up: ) And yes I know lol next you will say their are plenty of so called Christian hypocrites, & yes their are, as well as, plenty of genuine non hypocrites that practice what they preach & the tenants of their faith No one can argue that to blow you up b/c I perceive you are my ‘enemy’ is clearly outlined as a n-no & thus for me to do that is ‘clearly’ making me a big hypocrite based on my own profession, not to mention that, statistics would also agree that Christians[ not Roman Catholicism religious system, KKK nuts or any cult of Christianity] are not a problem in terms of such violence…that’s if you can stomach true honesty).

    However, so many folk who know all this will rant & rave against Christians who stand against murdering unborn innocent children (yet those guilty of murder on death row demand we equate with a guiltless child), infanticide & not equating God’s creation of me being a Black person with someone who wants to engage in sodomy.

    First Caucasian ancestors tell us we are less human (contrary to what GOD says)…than their descendants tell my generation, that Gay Rights goes beyond basic human rights of not being brutalized but now is the same as being born Black and that means just as a Black man or woman can marry who they want, a abhorrence & unnatural union of same sex is same thing…piggybacking off of Civil Rights that all men are created equal to be all behavior is equal. That is the biggest load of hypocrisy ever. We know that behavior that touches your bank account (Thou Shall Not Steal) will be pursued as lawless, so in essence you are the picking & choosing from God’s moral code for your convenience… What may be next is equating animals as equal to being born a human & even civil unions? In all actuality…that is already a point of interest out there. Why not create a cure for the depravity of mankind, oops I almost forgot, it was already done…and He was rejected…

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