Joey To Release Next Set of Evidence On June 20th, 2011

In a recent conversation with Joey Lambardi, he agreed to release more evidence on June 20th, 2011. He will be releasing it exclusively on this website. So, stayed tuned!

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FunVax Predicted 94 Years Ago!

RUDOLF STEINER QUOTES: Innoculations against the inclination to entertain spiritual ideas


Founder of the Waldorf Schools-Christian Mystic Clairvoyant

Founder of Bio Dynamic Agriculture

The whole trend goes in a direction where a way will finally be found to vaccinate bodies so that these bodies will not allow the inclination towards spiritual ideas to develop and all their lives people will believe only in the physical world they perceive with the senses. Out of impulses which the medical profession gained from presumption ” oh, I beg your pardon, from the consumption they themselves suffered ” people are now vaccinated against consumption, and in the same way they will be vaccinated against any inclination towards spirituality. This is merely to give you a particularly striking example of many things which will come in the near and more distant future in this field ” the aim being to bring confusion into the impulses which want to stream down to earth after the victory of the spirits of light.” Read original lecture…

-Rudolf Steiner: Fall of the Spirits of Darkness Lecture 13 The Fallen Spririts’ Influence in the World, Dornach, 27, Oct. 1917

A longing will arise(and become)general opinion:Whatever is spiritual, whatever is of the spirit, is nonsense, is madness! Endeavours to achieve this will be made by bringing out remedies to be administered by inoculation just as inoculations have been developed as a protection against diseases, only these inoculations will influence the human body in a way that will make it refuse to give a home to the spiritual inclinations of the soul. People will be inoculated against the inclination to entertain spiritual ideas. Endeavours in this direction will be made; inoculations will be tested that already in childhood will make people lose any urge for spiritual life.

Rudolf Steiner, Lecture 3, Secret Brotherhoods and the Mystery of the Human Double: Seven Lectures. Read original lecture…

Book Review 2010 by Bobby Matherne containing more Steiner comments on Vaccination…

Again, as he did on page 85, Rudolf Steiner warns us of a vaccine, an anti-religious vaccine, which will inoculate us against having a soul, an anti-spiritual vaccine which will ensure the success of the dark spirits in completely materializing many as human beings(10). This warning came almost a hundred years ago perhaps that vaccine already exists and is affecting our children and young adults today.

[page 199, 200] Steiner: I have told you that the spirits of darkness are going to inspire their human hosts, in whom they will be dwelling, to find a vaccine that will drive all inclination towards spirituality out of people’s souls when they are very young, and this will happen in a roundabout way through the living body. Today, bodies are vaccinate against one thing and another; in future, children will be vaccinated with a substance which it will certainly be possible to produce, and this will make them immune, so that they do not develop foolish inclinations connected with spiritual life ‘foolish’ here, of course, in the eyes of materialists.

Footnote 10. Suppose such a vaccine existed today which inoculated children at a young age…. There would seem to be some epidemic of children being born who do not maturate like children, they would be unable to store feelings of their early childhood, they would have trouble acclimating themselves to other human beings, they will seem extremely intelligent with sharp calculating skills, almost machine-like precision of drawing and copying skills. Does this not sound familiar to the recent concerns of the sudden rise in the incidence of autism and its possible connection to certain vaccination processes? Have the anti-soul vaccinations already begun?

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Joey Lambardi Releases FunVax Pentagon Lecture!

This is a lecture by an unidentified scientist given to DoD officials inside the Pentagon. It is dated 4-13-05 – about a year after the “God Gene” was first discovered. The scientist describes a plan to alter the “God Gene” in the Middle Easter Population in order to end the turmoil in that region. I acquired the video through an unknown source and from my knowledge, connections and experience as part of a unit called combat camera, I have verified it to be authentic.

by Joey Lambardi

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A Published Paper That Describes How Genetic Engineering Can Be Used To Enhance Spirituality!

If Genetic Engineers can enhance spirituality by manipulating genes, then they can definitely eliminate it as well!

The following is a publish science journal article which describes how one could use genetic engineering to alter one’s spirituality.

Genospirituality: genetic engineering for spiritual and religious enhancement.


The most frequently discussed role for genetic engineering is in relation to medicine, and a second area which provokes discussion is the use of genetic engineering as an enhancement technology. But one neglected area is the potential use of genetic engineering to increase human spiritual and religious experience – or genospirituality. If technologies are devised which can conveniently and safely engineer genes causal of spiritual and religious behaviours, then people may become able to choose their degree of religiosity or spiritual sensitivity. For instance, it may become possible to increase the likelihood of direct religious experience – i.e. ‘revelation’: the subjective experience of communication from the deity. Or, people may be able to engineer ‘animistic’ thinking, a mode of cognition in which the significant features of the world – such as large animals, trees, distinctive landscape features – are regarded as sentient and intentional beings; so that the individual experiences a personal relationship with the world. Another potentially popular spiritual ability would probably be shamanism; in which states of altered consciousness (e.g. trances, delirium or dreams) are induced and the shaman may undergo the experience of transformations, ‘soul journeys’ and contact with a spirit realm. Ideally, shamanistic consciousness could be modulated such that trances were self-induced only when wanted and when it was safe and convenient; and then switched-off again completely when full alertness and concentration are necessary. It seems likely that there will be trade-offs for increased spirituality; such as people becoming less ‘driven’ to seek status and monetary rewards – as a result of being more spiritually fulfilled people might work less hard and take more leisure. On the other hand, it is also possible that highly moral, altruistic, peaceable and principled behaviours might become more prevalent; and the energy and joyousness of the best churches might spread and be strengthened. Overall, genospirituality would probably be used by people who were unable to have the kind of spiritual or religious experiences which they wanted (or perhaps even needed) in order to lead the kind of life to which they aspired.

[PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]
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Interview With Joey Lambardi About The Fundamentalism Vaccine (FunVax)

The following is an interview with Whistle Blower Joey Lambardi.  It was recorded over the phone at 1:32 pm April 23rd, 2011 and transcribed by volunteers at the FunVax blog.

(FunVax blog) What is your background?

(Joey Lambardi) Well, I grew up in New York.  Always was into film, ever since I was a little kid.  I lived in the same Neighborhood as Martin Scorsese, so I think that had a big influence on me – being Italian American and being into film.   I can point out the house that Scorsese grew up in.  Christmas Eve one year, I remember sitting in the living room with my mom and step dad and their friends watching Good Fellas.  I begged my parents from that point on for a camcorder.  I didn’t get one until my birthday two years later.  There is something about film and Italians, I don’t know what it is, but we go together like cheese and honey.  So, yeah, I started making these little videos with a Hi-8 camera and editing them on my parents VHS machine.  Then things just progressed.  When I graduated High School, I wasn’t interested in college or anything.  So, I joined the military.  I didn’t know they did video stuff in the military, but after talking with a recruiter I learned that they do.  So I signed up for a unit called Combat Camera.  And I did that for six years, well about six years, a little shy of six years.  That changed, you know, when I got leaked this information about FunVax.

(FB) And how exactly did that happen, how did you get that information?

(JL) I was on this assignment that seemed really bizarre.  It just didn’t make any sense, you know?  I was told that I was to document a war hero’s return home from Iraq.  That was it – simple right?  But the normal chain of command was altered.  In this case, the first time in six years, I was to report to a CIA named agent Fleming as well as Army Col. Harris who from what I gather was a big wig intel guy at the pentagon.  So, that was weird, especially for such a boring sounding assignment.  It got weirder when I was mailed a package that contained a DVD and a stack of documents.  There were a lot of things blacked out, but it was all stuff related to FunVax.  The package was address to me, it was sent to the house where I where I was, you know, videotaping, the family that I was documenting.

(FB) Can you tell us about the videos?

(JL) Sure.  There were two videos actually.  One looked like a homemade amateur video that was of a party in a common area, like a lunch room or something.  There’s a cake that says “FunVax is a Go” on it and there was a sign that said Congratulations FunVax.  But that was all the funvax related information.  It was just a normal party, the people were talking about normal things.  The second video was a lot more informative.  It was DoD footage from a lecture hall in the pentagon.  The video was date stamped 4/13/05 so someone was holding onto this for awhile.  I received it, the second week of February of this year.  So, on it, it had one of the guys from the other video, the party video, giving a presentation.  I just have an 8 minute clip from this presentation, but basically, this guy, he must be a scientist.  This guy is giving a lecture about the brain and a gene called VMAT2 to a group of men in suits as well as various military uniforms.   He talks about religion and was showing MRI brain scans.  He said that the inhibition of VMAT2 could, over time, cause a persons brain to shift from a religious brain structure, they scientifically, you know they call it phenotype…but basically, you can change a religious brain to a non-religious brain structure.  VMAT2 is apparently the scientific name for what people term the God Gene.    At the end of the clip he says that he filed a proposal under the name FunVax to begin experimenting with the VMAT2 gene with the goal of creating a virus, like the flu virus, that will remove or replace this gene from people in the Middle East.  Their goal of course was to create peace in the Middle East.

(FB) What about the files?

(JL) I have the original proposal from 2005.  A quarter of it has been blacked out, but its easy to understand the point of it.  It was a classified research proposal.  The most important thing it has in it is this flow chart detailing the bench marks for the project.  It started with putting a non-religious version of VMAT2 gene into bacteria – a process that is apparently called cloning.  It went from there to tests in cell culture and then safety tests in mice then monkeys and then Gitmo detainees.  Once at the detainee level, the project is turned over to clinical lab who tests the detainees using brain scans to see if their response to reading scripture was similar to a non-religious person.  If the vaccine tested well in effectiveness and safety, then they planned on a small field test in Iraq and if it proves effective in the field, a wide spread inoculation would take place.  I also have a series of reports up until 2009.  These reports are, you know, reports about the progress of FunVax in this one particular lab.  It’s like a DoD update I guess.  I got about three of these.  The last one compares different strain of the virus they made.  There was hundreds of different versions, some appeared to be flops and from what I can tell, others were superstars.  And that was where my trail went dead.  I have no idea what happened after that, I mean, I have an idea you know, but I no evidence to prove it.

(FB) Who have you told about this?

(JL) I’m trying to spread the word, but at the moment I am AWOL, so it hasn’t been easy.  With all eyes on Wikileaks, I’m cautious of even contacting them.  So, I go through people I know personally, like you guys.  And thank you for all the effort you’re putting into this.  Its really great of you and I whole heartedly appreciate it.  But I plan on releasing all the information on this site and others that are being created on June 1st.  So, build as big of audience as possible and please if you’re reading this, tell others about it because freedom of choice is being stripped away from us little by little.  Today it’s people in the Middle East, but what will stop the government from doing this to us, or altering another gene that they find antagonistic to their goals.  We are at a cross roads here, you know?  The government has the technology to genetically engineer people.  They put whatever gene they want to mess with in a virus and infect whoever who ever they want.   Yeah sure today it is creating peace in the Middle East, but what is next?  Will it be us?  Is this what warfare is going to turn into, mass inoculations that change people’s behavior?  God forbid the American public stands up against this, they’ll probably release a virus for submissiveness and we’ll all fall in line like a bunch of sheep.  Of course, you know, this might not make even the slightest dent on the American…um…state of mind, but I need to try.  I need to do what I can and I am willing to risk my life for it.  So, please, if you don’t want the government playing God, please, please, please spread the word and hopefully your effort will help save us all.

(FB) What prove do you have that FunVax was even released?

(JL) I don’t have any prove.  All the information I have is at least two years old, half of it is over six years old.  But that is what they were planning – a massive gene therapy experiment.  And look at the Middle East now – Iraq has miraculously stabilized, The Iranian people stood up against the theocracy and now country after country in the Middle East is standing up for democracy.  They want to throw out the old rulers, the rules that use religion as a source of power.  People in the Middle East are standing up for democracy.  Is this a coincidence?  No.  This is part of their plan.  FunVax was systematically released in every country that they wanted to see changed.

(FB) Then why haven’t we seen peace in Afghanistan?

(JL) I’ve given this a lot of thought, but it really doesn’t need much thought.  The US wants to have a strong, active military presence in the Middle East you know?   There’s a lot of dramatic changes happening right now.  At this very moment.  As we see in Libya, these changes require the need for military action.  The political pressure was too strong against a long term strategy in Iraq you know?  You remember, I’m sure in 2008.  But Afghanistan is another story.  The US presence in Afghanistan is not about Afghanistan or Al Qaeda, it’s about stabilizing the whole region.  It borders the biggest Middle East threat, Iran, as well as the most dangerous nuclear power – Pakistan.  By having a strong fighting presence that borders these two countries, the US has pretty much neutralized these two threats.  Once democracy takes…becomes…takes a foothold in the Middle East, then we’ll see US bases in a lot of these countries and we’ll see agreements with newly elected leaders that are US friendly.  Once these agreements are in place, we’ll see a scale down in Afghanistan, you know, but not until then.  For sure, not until then.

(FB) All this sounds like a good thing.  Good for the US, good for the Middle East and good for the world.  Is this not the case?

(JL) Yeah, it sounds great.  People in the Middle East are throwing out dictators and are turning towards democracy.  Who could be against that?  It is wonderful and it is going to create a better, stronger and more stable Middle East.  But the end does not justify the means.  What will stop the government from doing this to its own people?  Religion is an important part of the human race, it benefits society in countless ways.  Every society has religion, there’s not one that doesn’t.  It builds community, it creates structure, it gives people hope, it creates a system of morals that are good to live by.  Take away religion from people and who know what the long terms consequences are, you know?  And just as important, like I said before, this is probably, most likely, the first of its kind, but now that it has been a success, what’s going to stop them from using this technology in the future?  Freedom of choice is being stripped away in 21st century style and if we continue down this path, there will be very bad and unfortunate consequences, there’s no doubt about it.  And that’s why I contacted you guys, to help with this, help spread the word and help our government from going down that very dangerous and very…um…very hazardous path.

(FB) So, what happens next?

(JL) As you know, I plan on giving you guys copies of what I have.  We need to do this from the ground up, purely grass roots style, you know?  Use facebook, twitter, everything at our disposal to get the word out.  Next week, the first FunVax protest will occur in Washington DC.  Then June 1st, I’ll send you copies of the video and pdf’s of the proposal.  Hopefully people will be listening and hopefully they’ll tell someone and that person will tell someone else and soon the government will shut down FunVax and stop using genetic engineering to fortify its foreign policy.

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Joey Lambardi To Release Evidence June 1st, 2011

The FunVax Whistle blower, Joey Lambardi, has been on the run for the last three months so our interview with him has been delayed.  But through email he let us know that he plans on to releases two pieces of evidence that he has against the government.

Joey Lambardi was in a special unit of the military called Combat Camera.  As part of the unit, Joey’s job demanded that he record sensitive information.  Like us, he thought that the FunVax project was government gone out of control.  And like a real American he stood up for what he believed in.  He went AWOL from his assignment and his now a hunted like an animal.

Because of our relationship with Joey, he agreed to release everything he has on this web site as well as other major news sources like CNN, Fox and MSNBC.  But there is a catch.  He doesn’t want to be risking his neck for an audience of 10 or 20 people…We promised him we can get 200,000 people to visit this site on June 1st.  This information can change the world.  But we need your help.  As of today, April 7th, 2011 we have a little over a thousand people visiting this site.  Please, spread the word and help us end government mind control.

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Obama’s Biggest Conspiracy – FunVax

There are dozens of conspiracy theories about President Obama – Born in Kenya.  Is a citizen of Indonesia.  Is Muslim.  Is a communist.  Is a witch.  Is the Antichrist.

But there is one conspiracy that is real and bigger than any of conspiracies previously published.  The project actually started under the Bush Administration, but continues under, and is approved by, the Obama Administration.  Its code name is FunVax.  It stands for Fundamentalism Vaccine.

FunVax is a Department of Defense project started in 2004.  It’s purpose was to eliminate terrorism in the Middle East.  The method – genetically manipulating religious fanatics causing them to give up their fundamentalist beliefs.

How It Works

At the turn of the century, a gene called VMAT2 was discovered.  This gene eventually became known as the God Gene.  The God Gene predisposes people to have spiritual experiences.  People that are fundamentalists have an over-expression of VMAT2.  DoD scientists used this information to create a vaccine against religious fundamentalism.  It was a viral vaccine that spreads via air and is designed to inhibit the expression of the VMAT2 gene causing people to become less religious.  It took government scientists 5 years to perfect the vaccine but in 2009 they field tested it in Iraq.  Then Iran.   President Obama has authorizes the release of FunVax throughout every Muslim country.  Its the reason why we’ve seen a democracy over power theocracy in places like Tunisia, Eygpt, and now Libya.  But what’s going to stop him from releasing it in America?

FunVax is successful, but it needs to STOP.  The government is replacing freewill with programed thoughts.  Please help by sharing this blog with Friends and Family, because the more people that know about FunVax, the better off we all are.

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