The Authors

The authors of this page is are independent group of people that were brought together after hearing Joey Lambardi’s story.  Each of us knows Joey personally and we can verify that what he claims is true.  The authors of this page do not have all the evidence that that Joey has access to, he sends us pieces of evidence every month or two to help spread the word about FunVax.  Joey Lambardi is currently on the run, so any communication with him is sporadic at best.  If you wish to pass on a message to Joey, please leave a post and someone will contact you.  Thanks for spreading the word about FunVax!

7 Responses to The Authors

  1. Mr.Roger says:

    RE: vmat:2
    It gives us great pleasure to inform you that After Hours Radio has chosen to invite you to be guest on our program which airs Monday through Friday from 9:00 PM -12:00 AM Eastern Standard (NY) time.

    The program producer and host Mr. Roger has acknowledged you as a person of interest capable of providing deep insight into the latest developments which shows through your opinions, beliefs and research.

    Thus we would like to cordially invite you to an informal meet and greet on Skype to pre determination if and when this interview can take place.

    We have attached some informational links to our website. Please notify us of your response in writing with a time a.s.a.p. We would be deeply honored to have you.

    Thank you in advance for any comments, ideas or promptings you can offer at this time in regards to our humble request.

    After Hours Radio, A division of


    • funvax says:

      Hi – I’m not exactly sure who this is addressed to. I know we need to update our about the authors page, but it is a group of us who put together this page. We all learned about Joey Lambardi’s story from friends or family and got together to help him get the word out. If you want to talk to Joey, we can let him know, but he is AWOL from the military, so he doesn’t make himself very available. To be honest, I don’t even know if he is in the country or not.

  2. The video is a fake and here is the proof….

    • funvax says:

      Really? The guy obviously had a mic on. He cleared his throat…what do you expect to see? I just cleared my throat and didn’t make any kind of strange movements. Give us something real and we’ll be the first ones celebrating that this is a fake. Until then, I think its important people hear about this.

  3. Jon Bowne says:

    The Alex Jones Radio Show reaching 15 million listeners a week invites Joey Lambardi to join us for an interview. We air the show 11am-2pm Mon-Fri. Please contact us and let us know when Mr. Lambardi is available. Thank You.

    • funvax says:

      I know that Joey would be thrilled to be on your show, but we haven’t had word from Joey, for over three months. His lawyer has asked us not to comment on anything in case it can be used against him in court and currently we decided not to update this page in case anything we might say impacts his case negatively.

  4. RackAttack says:

    Want something real? Why when the speaker says that, “These are two individuals…”
    Yest when examined closely, the 2 brain scans are (except the red blotches), nearly 100% identical?

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