5 Reasons Why the Government Wants to End Religion

1.  To Create A More Stable Middle East

The tension between the Middle East and the West is exploited by religious extremists.  This breeds hatred of the West and Western Businesses.  A stable Middle East that is void of terrorism and Western hatred will create fertile grounds for Western companies, including oil companies, to prosper.

2.  To Bring About The New World Order –

The New World Order could never happen with the current religious conflicts that are happening in the world today.  However, Europe and North America has slowly been moving towards the ultimate goal of the New World Order.  Heads of Nations have expressed their desire for the New World Order in public speeches.   George Bush (#41) mentioned it twice, and Nelson Mandela and the ousted Dictator of Egypt Hosni Mubarak have also expressed the desire to move in that direction.  The unification of Europe and the World Court is evidence of the progress being made.  Globalization is now a buzz word.  But, as you can imagine, regions with a strong religious fundamentalist fraction would never allow themselves to be governed by someone who doesn’t believe in their fundamentalist beliefs.

3.  Government Policy and National Issues –

Remember the political turmoil that health care reform caused?  Well, the majority of the opposition came from the religious right.  Pastors, preachers and priests, rabbis and imams have a lot of control over their congregation.  In 2010, the democratic party saw the strength of the religious right.  So far, the Republicans have been able to harness the Christian movement in America, but they too are frightened of religion and the strength of religious leaders.  Right now, China has a one child policy.  Eventually, America might have to consider a one child policy.  How would the religious right handle that?  And could you imagine the religious right bowing to the desires and needs of Islamic countries in George Bush’s New World Order?  I can’t.

4.  To Stabilize Conflict Regions

In Afghanistan the Taliban fights the western occupation.  In Chechnya, the Muslim Chechen rebels vowed to burn every Christian church in Russia.  In the Cote D’Ivoire the Muslim north fights against the Christian southern regions.  In Cyprus, the island is divided by separating Greek Christians and Turkish Muslims.  A UN peace keeping force is required to maintain stability.  In India, conflicts between Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Christians often erupts in violence.  In Indonesia, the violence between Muslims and Christians have flared in the last decade.  In Iraq, Shia and Sunni muslims battle for control.  Kashmir, The Islamic country of Pakistan struggles against the mostly Hindu India for control of the mountain region.  In Kosovo, NATO peacekeepers stabilize tensions between Serbian Orthodox Christians and Muslims.  In Kurdistan, there are periodic assaults against Christians.  In the Middle East, tensions between Israel, Palestine and its Neighbors boil over into violence every couple of years.  In Nigeria, Christians in the south are battling Muslims in the North.  In Pakistan, Sunni and Shia attacks are currently overshadowed by Taliban insurgents.  In the Philippians, Muslims and Christians have fought for centuries.  In South Africa, witches are routinely killed.  In Thailand, Muslim rebels have conducted an insurgency in the 95% Buddhist country.

Need I say more?

5.  Homeland Security

The 9-11 attacks were influenced by religious extremism.  So were the targeted attacks on abortion clinics and the assassination of Doctor George Tiller and Scott Roeder.  There has been several Homeland Security reports that state that the most dangerous threat against America is by homegrown right-wing religious extremists groups.

To combat this religious threat, to create the New World Order, to stabilize the Middle East.  The Government created FunVax.  Read the rest of this blog to learn more!

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