Are We Moving Towards A One World Religion?

FunVax was used as a last resort.  Attempts were obviously made to sway the public to a one world religion.  Why?  For all the reasons I stated in the blog post titled, “5 Reasons Why the Government Wants To End Religion”

Check out this attempt by Ted Turner to push for a one world religion.

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1 Response to Are We Moving Towards A One World Religion?

  1. The one world religion has already began and cannot be stopped, the name of this religion/faith is THE FAITH OF THE MOST DIVINE SPIRIT and is gradually working its way troughout the world unbeknown to most people because it is being inplimented via direct and indirect divine intervention, in other words God is through the mind of the people individually on a private personal way implimenting this so that no one or organisation will be able to interfere.

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